Care Instructions

Jewelry Care:

Do not excessively pull or over stretch pieces

Do not shower, bathe in, or submerge in water

Use all perfumes, oils and lotions before placing on jewelry

Wear bracelets on non dominant hand to avoid snagging

Wipe stones clean with soft cloth to remove excess oils from skin

Store in air tight container or baggies

Brass and Silver polishing cloth may be used on Brass and Sterling components


Serveware & Drinkware  

Handwash only with mild soap and water. NOT DISHWASHER SAFE.
Avoid high heat and temperatures above 400 degrees. Avoid cutting, chopping, and the use of sharp objects on epoxy surfaces to avoid excessive scratching.

Avoid prolonged exposure or direct exposure to sunlight. UV rays will cause epoxy to yellow prematurely.
Avoid chemical cleansers.

Do not soak in water.